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Today we are excited to announce the launch of JoliStream, formerly "Jolino". We were forced to shut down a few months ago due to a number of reasons, but the previous experiences and user feedback helped us a lot to detect weak points and we have been working tirelessly since then to improve the platform in as many ways as we could.

There have been a lot of major changes and improvements to the platform, including heavy structural changes in the codebases, new infrastructure, and a huge UI and UX redesign. We've also implemented plenty of new features and bug fixes, to make JoliStream the experience that we think you'll enjoy.

We have also worked hard to make the platform accessible to more people, and more people can enjoy the experience. Again thanks to those who provided feedback on this matter!

We are incredibly excited about this launch and our new and more broad vision and mission. Our goal is to provide a platform where users can come together and enjoy content with others from all over the world. We believe that JoliStream has the potential to create unique and memorable experiences for its users.

We are always excited to hear your feedback! We value your opinions and want to make sure that JoliStream is the best platform it can be. Please let us know what you think about the new features and design, what you love, and what you think we can improve. We are always listening and taking your feedback into account.

This is a new starting point for us and we have many plans to introduce new features and improve the existing ones.

Thank you for your continued support of JoliStream. We are thankful for those who trusted and used our platform and especially those who provided the precious and invaluable feedback that made this launch possible.


Navid at JoliStream